I’ll think of another story… in a minute or two.


William Davrick is a true Aries, stubborn, determined, always searching for new ground to break, new challenges to meet. He grew up in Northern New York State, surrounded by the rugged beauty of the Adirondacks and dreaming of living the spirited and free life of a cowboy, a cowboy who still lives in his heart. Though destined to live a city life, the childhood memories of racing his stick horse, with an old shoestring for a bridle, as far and as wide as his legs could gallop are William’s happiest. He also remembers, when very young, riding on dairy cows at his grandmother’s farm, and what a thrill it was. When recently asked if he’d ever ridden a bull, he quickly laughed, “No, I’m highly allergic to broken bones and concussions. The videos I watched to nail down the bull-riding scenes in Eight Seconds made me wonder if rodeo cowboys are completely sane.” William lives in Los Angeles, and still yearns for a small spread and at least one Arabian to make his life absolutely complete.


“Life will throw hurtles in your path, just remember, God already taught you how to jump.

Leap with confidence and if you have to look back,

it’s only to use your experiences as a source of strength.”

With love, W.D.

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