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Eight Seconds Copyright © 2016 by William Davrick (All rights reserved.)

My personal thoughts behind writing Eight Seconds

During the writing of this particular novel, I cried heavily, while at other times my hands literally shook above the keyboard. Eventually, I had to ask myself. Can I do this? Can I present this story in such a way as to convey an everlasting message of hope and self-empowerment? And then in the next deep breath I took, my fingers touched the keyboard again. My hands were steadier this time. I can hope to give you a sense of empowerment through this story (and I believe I have done as much) but true empowerment is only achievable with a handheld mirror. Look deeply into your soul and give yourself permission to be healed, strong, happy and loved. These things are not lost for you, not by a long shot, but you must work and work hard at achieving peace within yourself. And you won’t do this alone either, it will take several people, professionals and loved-ones to help you get there. But get there-you will!

As I watched review after review of Eight Seconds arrive on various websites, I hoped (all but prayed) to see these few words…

“I felt so many emotions reading this book.” Natosha Wilson—goodreads

I choked up when I read this. It was one of my personal goals in writing this story! To have someone say this means I’ve done what any writer could hope to do. The reader has experienced a rainbow of emotions! This will always be my solitary goal as an author. I don’t just want to write something that makes you cry, I want to make you laugh like crazy, too! And every other emotion that can be felt in what little time there is to present a story.

I’m confident the modern reader of today can handle tough themes. As an author, I will embrace the reader’s strength of character and I will not undermine their intelligence—to do so is a grave error in judgment on the author’s part—for what storytelling and reading a story is all about. In my debut novel, I’m also quite confident that I have done my best to convey difficult themes openly and honestly. I’ve learned a great deal writing Eight Seconds and as the reviews come in, I will grow in leaps-n-bounds as an a author. Thanks to you—the reader/reviewer.



Warning: this story contains disturbing themes, which may trigger traumatic memories for sufferers.

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of overcoming it.” ~ Helen Keller